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1. It is important for everyone to learn English well in our rapidly developing world. 在这个迅速发展的世界里,对每个人来说,学好英语是非常重要的。 同样句型包括:It is important/(necessary, difficult, convenient, possible)for sb. to do sth.

2. The harder you work at it, the more progress you will make. 你工作越努力,你取得的进步就越大。 (1)The+比较级..., the+比较级... (2)比较级+and+比较级(The world is getting smaller and smaller.)

3. If everyone makes a contribution to protecting the environment, the world will become much more beautiful. 如果每个人都为保护环境做出贡献,世界会变得更加美好。 类似的句型还有:If necessary…, they can…

4. The best way to remember new words is to practice them everyday. 记忆新单词最好的方法是每天操练这些单词。

5. The atmosphere in my family is fantastic 我的家庭气氛温馨和睦。

6. The reason why people choose to live in the city is that the life is more convenient and colorful. 人们为什么选择生活在城市的原因是因为城市的生活更方便、更多彩。

7. I had a great first impression of American people. 我对美国人民有了很好的第一印象。

8. We have lots of confidence in our ability to solve any problem. 我们对自己解决问题的能力有足够的信心。

9. With the rapid development of modern technology, the Internet has become a necessary part of our daily life and work. 随着现代科技的迅速发展,互联网已经成为生活和工作中必不可少的一部分。

10. You should read as many books as you possibly can. 大家应该尽可能的多读书。

11. China is becoming more and more prosperous because of the reform and “opening up” policy. 由于实施了改革开放政策,中国变得更加繁荣了。

12. We all need clean air to breathe; we all need clean water to drink; we all need green places to enjoy. 我们都需要呼吸清新的空气,我们都需要饮用洁净的水,我们都需要绿地来享受。

13. Let’s work together to make our world a better place. 让我们一起努力把世界变得更加美好。

14. We should make full use of our time to do useful and productive things. 我们应该充分利用好时间去做有用的、富有成效的事。

15. We should get into the good habit of using our time wisely. 我们应该养成一个好习惯,明智地利用时间。

16. What I really want to know is whether he will go abroad next month? 我的确想知道的是,他是否会在下个月出国。

17. Television is harmful to developing minds. 电视不利于开发心智。

18. Children usually have far more potential than their parents had realized 孩子们都有很大的潜能,而父母却没有意识到这一点。

19. In the past 10 years, great changes have taken place in our school. 在过去的10年里,我们学校发生了巨大的变化。

20. People who spend more time with their families are usually healthier and happier. 那些花更多时间和家人在一起的人通常会更健康更幸福。

21. The job was hard, which made me so tired that I almost quit half way. 这份工作太辛苦,差点使我半途而废。 (1)直接使用:so… that… The job was hard, boring and seemed endless, which made me so tired that I almost quit half way. 这份工作太辛苦、太无聊,而且没完没了,这使我非常累,差点半途而废。 (2)能够增加句子层次的高级连词还有: (Not only …but also…)、(Because…)、(because of…)、(As long as…)、(so long as…)

22. The Red Star Television Factory, which produces TV sets of quality, was set up in the 1980’s. 生产高品质电视的红星电视机厂,始建于1980年。

23. The E-reading room, where we can send e-mails to all parts of the world, is open to both teachers and students. 我们可以向世界每个地方发电子邮件的电子阅览室,对老师和同学都同样开放。

24. I feel I will be fit for the job needed in your company. 我感觉我会是你们公司所需要的人。

25. The number of workers and engineers has risen(更高级词汇:increased) to over 2000, and 80% of them are college graduates. 工人和工程师的数量已超过了2000人,而且他们有80%都是大学学历。

26. There is an increasing tendency that students own their mobile phones on campus. 在校园内,学生拥有手机的趋势在不断增长。

27. Now in the rural areas, there are many children out of school. I think one of reasons is that their families are too poor to afford their schooling. 现今,在农村地区还有很多孩子失学。我认为原因之一就是他们的家庭太贫困,而无法供应他们上学。

28. People should pay more attention to the education of children because they will play a very significant /(important) part/(role) in the future of our country. 人们应该增加对儿童教育的重视,因为他们会在祖国的未来扮演重要的角色。

29. In 2008, you will see Beijing as beautiful as a garden, with cleaner water and clearer sky. 到2008年,我们会看到北京像花园一样,有着更加清澈的河水和碧透的天空。

30. How nice to hear from you again. 能再次收到你的来信真是太好了。

31. Your early reply will be highly appreciated. 敬盼早日回复。 I’m looking forward to meeting you in no time. 我期待与你早日相见。

32. If you have any questions or requests, please let me know. 如果你有什么问题和请求只管跟我说。

33. No matter what you do in the future, English will always be important. 不管你将来做什么,英语都是最重要的。

34. Nothing is more important than to receive education. 没有什么比接受教育更重要的事了。

35. There is no doubt that playing video game is going to be their biggest problem for students to affect study. 毫无疑问,玩电子游戏正在成为影响学生学习的最大问题。

36. Obviously, it is high/(about) time that we took some effective measures to solve the problem. 显然,早该采取一些积极的措施来解决问题。 写作高手使用的高难度表达: I suggest the department concerned taking some effective measures to improve the present situation. 我建议有关部门采取一些有效措施改善现状。

37. Since he went to senior high school, he has worked very hard. 自从他上高中,他一直很用功。

38. We should spare no effort to beautify our environment. 我们应该不遗余力的美化我们的环境。

39. Smoking has a great influence on our health. 吸烟对我们的健康有很大的影响。

40. As a proverb says, /( As is well known to us,) storms make trees take deeper roots. 有句名言说道:风暴使树木深深扎根。

41. It is a great honor for me to introduce to you one of my very best friend, Liu Xiang. 很荣幸给你介绍我的一位好朋友,刘翔。

42. Coming from a family of English teachers, she always had a particular interest in English. 出于英语教师世家的她,对英语有着特别的兴趣。 描写人物性格的高级得分词汇如下: diligent 勤奋的 energetic精力充沛的 humorous幽默的 attractive有吸引力的 modest谦虚的 optimistic乐观的 talkative健谈的 enthusiastic热情的

43. I have fully realized that English is essential to my future. 我充分认识到英语对我的未来是多么的重要。

44. I suppose electronic dictionaries are convenient, but Iead to laziness! 我觉得电子字典很方便,但会使人们变懒。

45. In conclusion, the advantages of studying abroad outweigh its disadvantages. 总之,出国留学的优点要大于它的缺点。

46. Now, I think it is really successful experience, and I totally understand what labor means. 现在,我想这真是一次成功的经历,并且我完全理解了劳动的意义。

47. From this earthquake, I realized that the power of the mass is endless. 通过这次的地震,我认识到了群众的力量是无穷的。 高级名言谚语活学活用。 解释:“群众的力量是无穷的”这句名言是我们自己造的,极具威力,然后再安在毛主席的头上,更显力量。最后为了增加真实性加上时间和地点,使判卷老师误以为真,根本不敢怀疑。于是,心想:“这个句子太棒了,我都没听说过!” 造句:In 1951 Chairman Mao said in Nan Jing that the power of the mass is endless.

48. If you have spare time to visit my hometown, I’d be more than happy to be your guide. 如果你有空闲时间我的家乡做客,我会非常乐意做你的导游。

49. Nowadays, both teachers and parents worry a great deal about the student’s using the Internet. 如今,老师和家长都对学生上网现象极为担心。

50. Views on the issue in question vary from person to person. 对于该问题的看法因人而异。

51. We are blessed with new opportunities and faced with new challenges. 我们被赋予新的机会和面临着新的挑战。

52. Thank you for your consideration. 感谢你的体谅。

53. I really appreciate what you’ve done for my family and me. 我衷心感谢你为我和我家人所做的一切。 We should be very grateful if you help our children with their English study. 如果你帮助我们小孩学英语,我们将感激不尽。

54. We will never forget the happy days we spent together. 我们永远都不会忘记在一起度过的日子。

55. Many people are becoming aware of the importance of exercising. 很多人开始意识到锻炼的重要性了。

56. The talk will be given at the Lecture Hall on Oct.12th, starting at 3:30p.m. 报告将在10月12日3:30在报告厅举行。

57. Students should know how to take advantage of their time. 学生应该知道如何利用他们的时间。

58. I got sick and tired of doing the routine work day after day. 我厌倦了日复一日地做一些例行公事。

59. Conquering English is not different from conquering a great mountain; both of them require determination, courage, and perseverance. 征服英语不亚于征服一座高山,都需要决心,勇气和毅力。

60. I’m disappointed in the performance of our team at the sports meeting. 我对我们队在运动会上的表现感到失望。


冲刺中考 |2020年中考英语复习计划,请收藏61. I’m very satisfied with what we have achieved so far. 到目前为止,我对我们取得的成绩很是满意。 更多表示“决心”的高级句型: I’m determined to… I have made up my mind to complete the task.

62. The city is located on the banks of the Long River. 这个城市位于长江畔。

63. I’m very glad to have received the letter you sent me two weeks ago. 两星期前收到了你的来信,我真是太高兴了。

64. I’m writing to request more information about the day tour to London. 我写信是为了了解更多去伦敦旅行的信息。

65. Recently, our class have had a heated discussion about whether it is necessary for middle school students to carry mobile phones to school.最近,我们班展了开一场讨论,是关于中学生是否有必要带手机去上学。

66. I wonder if you could tell me more about the trip. 我不知道你是否方便多告诉我一些有关旅行的事。

67. It is certain that if there are fewer people driving, there will be less air pollution. 可以肯定,如果开车的人少一些,空气污染就一定会减少。

68. I personally feel that teacher is the most important profession in the world. 我个人认为教师是世界上最重要的职业。

69. We can’t imagine what the world is going to be without purified water. 我们无法想象没有纯净的水,这个世界会变成生么样子。

70. I was walking east along Park Road, when an elderly man came out of the park on the other side of the street. 当我沿着公园路往东走的时候,有一个老人在街的另一边从公园里走出来。

71. In the big city, there are more schools and hospitals are available for its people. 在大城市,有更多的学校和医院供人们使用。

72. Some people think that we should read extensively.


73.In my opinion, you should come back after you finish you studies abroad. 在我看来,你结束留学后应该回国。

74. For another reason, I think it will be much more convenient for you to look after you parents as they are getting old. 另一个原因,我认为你回国可以更方便地照顾你日渐年迈的父母。

75. Classes in our school usually finish at four in the afternoon. 我们学校通常下午四点下课。

76. I am so sorry that I won’t be able to attend tomorrow’s lecture on American history. 我很抱歉,明天我不能参加那场关于美国历史的演讲。

77. While 25 minutes is spent on sports, only 12 minutes goes into housework. 花在教育锻炼上的时间是25分钟,只有12分钟的时间用来做家务。

78. Maybe you forgot you spent the money on something else yesterday afternoon. 你可能忘了昨天下午你花钱买了其他东西。

79. Good habits are the crosscut to success. 好习惯是成功的捷径。

80. I was deeply moved by the young boy, because I know Lei Feng is still living in our hearts. 那个年轻的小男孩深深地感动着我,因为我相信雷锋一直活在我们的心中。

81. Many new houses had been built and roads had been widened. 很多新的楼房建了起来,路也都拓宽了。

82. It is more than ten months since we last met. 从我们上次见面到现在已经有十个多月了。

83. It’s very nice of you to help me with my lessons every day. 每天帮助我复习功课,你真是太好了。

84. Nothing can live without air and water. 没有空气和水,任何东西都不能生存。

85. I prefer to live in the country rather than live in the city. 我宁愿住在农村,而不愿住在城市。

86. People must be stopped from throwing dirty things into the river. 应阻止人们往河里扔脏东西。

87. Peter sets aside some money every month so that he can buy a new car. 彼得每月留出一点钱以便购买一辆新汽车。

88. Linda didn’t go to bed until midnight so that she could finish reading the book. 为了看完这本书,琳达直到午夜才睡。

89. Early to bed and early to rise does good to your health. 早睡早起有益于健康。

90. More and more people are aware that it is important to obey the traffic rules. 越来越多的人意识到遵守交通规则的重要性。

91. Mrs. Brown is an Australian woman teacher with fair hair and blue eyes, who has been to many places of China. 布朗女士是一个澳大利亚的老师,她有一头金黄色的头发和一双蓝色的眼睛,她去过中国的各个地方。

92. On Sunday, May 18, we will visit Beijing, which has a history of 400 years. 5月8日,星期天,我们将会参观拥有400多年悠长历史的北京。

93. I think students should balance well between work and study. 我认为学生应该平衡好工作和学习两方面。

94. Friendship is one of the most precious emotions in our life. 在我们的生命中,友谊其中的一种非常珍贵的感情。

95. It goes without saying that we cannot be young forever. (适用于自编名言) 不言而喻,青春一去不复返。

96. Last but not least, it will definitely benefit the citizens. 最后而又很重要的一点,它必定给市民带来福利。

97. With the increasingly rapid economic growth, more problems are brought to our attention. 随着日益迅速的经济发展,更多的问题受到我们的关注。

98. The preservation of forests has aroused people’s wide concern 保护森林引发人们的广泛关注.

99. As far as I’m concerned, I am in favor of the opinion that… 就我而言,我赞同…的观点

100. Both governments and ordinary citizens should join hands to make this world a better place to live in, not only for ourselves, but also for future generations. 不仅仅是为了我们,更是为了我们的后代,政府和普通市民应该联合起来,使这个世界变成更美好的家园。